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Missing Professor Found Alive!

Missing Professor Found Alive!Puckerville – In an update to our recent breaking news report, Toxic News has continued its own investigation into the disappearance of the eccentric scientist, Professor Rheinhold Sauernoggin. Neighbors have reported seeing the Professor in recent days and say his return is simply bizarre.

“He just showed up one day,” noted one perplexed neighbor. “One minute he was gone and the next minute he was back. But he acted like nothing had happened.”

Police have been searching for the odd and reclusive scientist since his sudden disappearance not long ago. No next of kin were found to assist in the investigation and a search of the Professor’s home yielded no clues. Since his return, however, authorities suspect there may be a secret room or rooms underneath the house. Neighbors believe the Professor has been conducting various scientific projects there and are even more suspicious now since his return.

“People have noticed strange noises and colored lights coming from the half-windows in the foundation of his house,” said Puckerville Sheriff, Tex Toxins. “We don’t want to say anything more as our investigation is still in progress. But I can tell you that something very strange is going on somewhere in that house.”

Toxic News will continue to follow this story and bring developments as they occur.