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Secret Formula for Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy Stolen!

Puckerville –Toxic News has learned of a break-in at Professor Rheinhold Sauernoggin’s home. Investigative Reporter Lacy Chemicals is on the scene with the Professor. This is the report she filed moments after the discovery of the break-in and subsequent theft: Police have few leads in this case but the initial investigation suggests someone entered the […]


Professor Sauernoggin Speaks to Investigative Reporter

Puckerville –Toxic News has been following the odd stories relating to the eccentric scientist, Professor Rheinhold Sauernoggin. Our own investigative reporter, Lacy Chemicals was finally granted an interview with the Professor. Her hard-hitting questions didn’t seem to stump the Professor. Here is an excerpt from her interview posted on her blog: When I asked The […]


Missing Professor Found Alive!

Puckerville – In an update to our recent breaking news report, Toxic News has continued its own investigation into the disappearance of the eccentric scientist, Professor Rheinhold Sauernoggin. Neighbors have reported seeing the Professor in recent days and say his return is simply bizarre. “He just showed up one day,” noted one perplexed neighbor. “One […]


Professor Saurnoggin Missing!

Puckerville – Toxic News has just learned that the not-so-esteemed scientist, Professor Rheinhold Sauernoggin has disappeared.Neighbors report that the odd and reclusive scientist left his dark, dingy home early yesterday morning but hasn’t been seen since. Police are trying to track the Professor’s whereabouts but are finding little success because no one in Puckerville knows […]


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